Ultrabender EC-600

Introduction Video



Cutting, Lipper, Perforation


Auto Bridge Height & Width


Auto Crease Deepness & Width


Auto Broach Deepness (optional)


Side Broaching (optional)


Niching (optional)


High Rule (optional)



High Bending Accuracy:

Precision ballscrew, together with the professional tool mould software approved by the state, reaches the international leading accuracy demand.


High Balancing Flatness:

The mold has 20 years of industry experience, and the flatness of the bending has reached the top of the industry.


Wide Range of Rules Support:

Can operate for label rules, high rules and thick rules.


Two Ways of Cutting:

Cut the head of blade shape first, and then bend it, last do the edge cutting, so as to maintain the length accuracy of the bending.



Auto perforation with auto deepness control, or automatically calculate the width and position by software.



Auto adjustable height and the width is automatically calculated by the software.



Crease of different depths are automatically executed, and the width and position are automatically calculated by the software.



Can be specified at any point, the sharp angle is more standard, and the small round angle is finer (below R0.5mm).


Side Broaching:

Subtract the traditional manual side broaching, and cooperate with the "V" and "flat" grinding discs to make a new way of using the tiny lipper to connect the rule. The interface is more firm to avoid the fracture of the lipper interface during die cutting, which is used for high-end tool mold production.



Can be specified at any point, and can be equipped with diamond grinding disc, grinding wheel grinding disc and toothed grinding disc.


New Cutting System:

The newly designed punching and cutting combination can be installed with a variety of molds of different specifications at the same time, and the software automatically selects the mold for punching and cutting.


Fast Changing Tools:

Fast, easy and convenient way of changing tools for using different types of rules.


Full-automatic function:

Auto bending, bridge, cutting, lippering, perforation, broaching, side broaching, and nicking, all in place at one time; Automatic adjustment of the height of the lippering & cutting die; The overall operation speed is accelerated, and the speed of rule feeding, cutting, broaching and nicking functions is improved.

Technical Specifications:


Supported rule height:

7-32mm (0.45-1.07mm Thickness)


Cutting tool

1+3+1 design, 3 sets of molds and 5 shapes



3 – 10mm Width 5-20mm  Auto Height Adjustment



1-5mm Width, 22.0-23.4mm Auto Depth Adjustment



“V” shape & Flat shape, Auto Depth Adjustment



0.2-1.0mm Width



Main body L230 x W65 x H170 cm; Auto-Lifting rule Cassette Holder L87 x W73 x H163 cm



Main body 450kg; Auto-Lifting rule Cassette Holder 250kg



220VAC Single Phase 3KW


Air Compressor requirement:

0.6 – 0.8MPa, 8mm conduit diameter

Can be customized according to customer specification

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