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Established in 2004 Richly Top continues to be a leading Hong Kong-based CNC equipment company, specializing in the manufacturing of automated die-making equipment and machinery.

Richly Top’s main scope of business includes the sale of auto-bending machines and software, namely the Ultrabender and Future CAM software. We are also a renowned distributor of die-making products and are constantly looking for innovative opportunities with our partner companies to provide our customers with a wide selection of machinery within the industry. We export our products and services worldwide.

Through our commitment in research, innovation, quality and customer service, we, at Richly Top, have established long-standing relationships and partnerships around the world. Our customers are located worldwide across Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, and Africa. Richly Top has gained industry recognition for our continued focus on producing high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-quality machinery and equipment.


Hung-Ko Kong and Chang-Ming Wu, the two enthusiastic founders of Richly Top, have over 30 years of experience in the die-making and computer automation industries. With the vision to produce cutting edge auto-bending machines for die-makers around the world, these industry leaders integrated their experiences and expertise together to form Richly Top. Our office headquarters and factory are located in Shenzhen, China (the Richly Top CNC Equipment (Shenzhen) Limited). In 2017 our company saw immense growth when we expanded in Asia and the EU with two machinery production lines and fully covered after-sales service departments located in Japan and Hungary, servicing Japan and EU respectively.