Auto Cutters

Introduction Video

Features :


Operate on the same interface as the ultrabender, one operator can operate the ultrabender and the auto cutters at the same time, the two machines operate cutting, lipping, bridging position for cutting and bridging position


High speed and accuracy


Bridge width is 2 - 10mm


Fast and easy tool changing procedure

Advantages :


Auto- Bridging, Cutting, Lipping, Perforation


Adjustment Bridging height


Operable Mushroom Creasing Rule

Technical Specifications :


Supported Rule Height :



Supported Rule Thickness :



Perforation :

Width 0.5mm or more


Bridging :

Height 10-20mm, Width 3-10mm


Dimensions :

Main Body L95 * W80 * H160 cm; Cassette Holder L65 * W65 * H80 cm


Weight :

Main Body 400kg, Cassette Holder 100kg


Power :

230VAC Single Phase 2KW


Air Compressor Requirement :

0.6-0.8MPa, 8mm Conduit Diameter

Can be customized according to customer specification

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