Ultrabender EC-400

Introduction Video

Advantages :


Specialized for applications of making high efficiency and high accuracy Packaging Dies, Sticker and Label Dies, Electronic Dies and Vacuum Forming Dies, etc.


High bending accuracy, high balancing flatness and high efficiency


Fully automated functions: bending, bridging, cutting, lipping, perforation, broaching (optional) and nicking (optional)


Two-segment cutting technology for highly precise cutting and lipping, at the same time with bending accuracy preserved


Perforation and nicking are available at any point


Broaching on sharp angles and tiny arcs of R0.2, R0.3 and R0.5mm


Upgraded Cutting mould: Fast tool changing, reduced sharpening cost

Technical Specifications :


Supported rule height :

8 - 32mm 0.45 - 1.07mm thickness


Perforation :

Width 0.5mm up, depth 0.8 - 3mm


Bridging :

Height 5 - 20mm, width 3 - 8mm


Broaching :  

“V” shape or flat shape, depth adjustable


Nicking :  

Width 0.3 - 0.6mm


Dimensions :

Main body L230 * W71 * H180 cm Standard rule holder L90 * W90 * H120 cm


Weight :

Main body 500kgStandard rule holder 100kg


Power :

230VAC single phase 3KW


Air compressor :

0.6 - 0.8MPa, 8mm conduit diameter

Can be customized according to customer specification

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